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Welcome to first generation raw and thank you for visiting.  Be prepared to experience some amazing and delicious recipes. The recipes are created with a lot of love and care because I have a sincere concern for the highest nutritional standards for all humanity.

If you are looking for an introduction to the raw food diet and its amazing benefits, you have come to the right place.  First Generation Raw is a leader in raw, organic, living food.  I will be sharing some of my delicious and amazing recipes along with photos.  Also, please visit the blog page for more informed topics on health and how you can benefit.


Heart disease and cancer are the two leading causes of death in the United States and according to Health Magazine, the United States Ranks ninth as the world’s fattest country.  This data is extremely alarming, and the common denominator for this tragedy is the standard American diet.  The standard American diet or SAD consists of a plethora of processed meats and carbs, and just a small amount of plants, fruits and vegetables.  This is not natural, healthy or logical.  Thanks to our wonderful food industry and government, the foods are now laced with pesticides, hormones, chemicals, bioengineering and fructose which further add to our body’s detriment.

When food is cooked at a heat level above 118 degrees, enzymes are destroyed and large portions of vitamins, minerals and nutrients are lost.  Enzymes are necessary for boosting the immune system, energy and cellular production and other vital chemical reactions.  Food also becomes more toxic when heat is added due to the change in molecular structure.  According to Health and Wellness, cooked foods are a rather recent trend.  They state that for the most part of human existence on earth, people ate raw living foods because it aided in the proper functioning of human bodies.


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I decided to write this book because of the health benefits that I experienced and felt it was my duty and obligation to share this wonderful information with the world.  I invite you to read this book in its entirety with an open mind.  Some of the information contained may seem foreign, but I am sure you will benefit greatly when you try the many delicious recipes I have to offer.  Bon appetit!!! 

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